Frequently Asked Questions

Why is wine so bitter and bitey?

Not all wines are. There are some very smooth, soft, and delicately sweet wines that are very enjoyable and very drinkable.

I sometimes feel intimidated in a wine shop because there are so many choices--can you help?

Sure. We are used to people being a little frightened. in fact, we figure our biggest job is to guide you to the right bottle of wine through some questions about your likes and dislikes. We know what every bottle of wine in our store tastes like and when we know what you like, it's a perfect fit.

How can you tell what I like?

We ask you questions, have you taste some wines, and we try to get to know you and your wine needs.

I would like to know more about wine--how can you help?

I wrote a book telling you all about wines that is easy to read and understand.  Josh and I take the time to answer your questions and we teach you about wine at your own pace.

Can I bring my friends?

Sure. We welcome groups for tastes and you can bring some food if you desire.We will sit around and taste different wines and talk about each of the wine’s qualities. We are informal and enjoy groups of one, two or twenty people and we love teaching others about wines.

Is it true that wine is good for you?

Wine has antioxidants that protect against diseases like cancer, and heart disease. Wine relaxes and helps get rid of anxiety and nervousness. The World Health Organization says that people who drink wine, in moderation, are healthier and live longer.

Would you say wine is expensive?

Wines come in all prices.  We can find you a wine that fits your budget.

How long will a bottle of wine last if I don't drink it all?

Sweet wines will last months in the refrigerator--we often joke that you will drink these wines before they ever go bad. Dry white wines will last about a week if kept cold, and red dry wines will last about four days on the counter.

Is wine high in calories?

A glass of wine has about fifty calories--no cholesterol.

What foods does wine go with?

The molecules in wine help unlock flavor molecules in food,and, in return, food makes wine taste better and unlocks flavors in the wine--it is a real symbiotic relationship!

How much should I drink?

If your are a healthy adult, a couple of 5 ounce glasses a day--

I want to order wine in a restaurant but am intimidated by the list and the waiters--what can i do?

Stop in our store--we can help with advice and for more detailed info--you will find that in my book.

Where are you located?

Old route 82 in howland in hunters square plaza

what are your hours?

Monday thru Saturday, 11:00 am to 6:30 pm--you can also make an appointment outside these hours.

What if I need advice quickly or have other questions?

My cell phone number is 330-766-3207

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